Rainier Cherries


This weekend I made a trip to Whole Foods Market® for one item, but the moment I walked in the front door I was struck with happiness. Right there in the front row of the produce department were cherries, but not just any cherries. These cherries were my favorite, short season, from the west coast: Rainier Cherries. So, of course I had to buy a bag. That shot down my single item shopping trip.

These cherries are sweet, but not too sweet. The fruit flesh is firm and juicy. Just the thought causes drool to form on my lower lip. As with many things in my life, cherries make me think back to spending time with my Nana. A funny side note, both of my grandmothers had the first name of Ruby. Anyway, I digress, my Nana had a big tree in her yard filled with Rainier cherries. That was the first non-evergreen (the climbing of evergreens is a story best left for another time) I ever climbed, but well worth it. I would have eaten myself sick if not for the ever-watchful eye of my mother. You know mothers; just when the fun is about to reach its crescendo they show up. If memory serves me correctly, there was a bowl of those cherries on the table for supper.

My trip through the food store didn’t end with that bag of cherries; no, I picked up another bag of standard red cherries. I saw a cherry pie in my future, complements of Pinterest and a pie filling recipe I found. Making cherry pie has gotten a lot easier since I purchased a pitting kitchen gadget. You just put the cherry in the little hole, squeeze the handle and out pops the pit. I’m pretty sure the gadget is old made new again, but I’m just glad I found it. My old way of pitting involved a chopstick, big bowl and a juice-spotted apron.

My trip continues: next stop is for the item I am actually there for, wild salmon fish oil. You see, Omega 3 oil is good for you, or so we are told. The problem is the other oils repeat on me, and that is just nasty. I like salmon and so I figure if it repeats it wouldn’t be so bad. To answer your question, no it wasn’t bad and I recommend it.

At this point I could have gone to the checkout and been done with it, but that would have been too disciplined of me. The trip continues.

One of my guilty pleasures is tea, all types, so it is a must to make a stop on the ‘tea’ aisle. I realize there are many other items on that aisle, however, all I am there for is tea, ergo ‘tea’ aisle. A package makes its way into my shopping cart. I’m not sure how, it probably jumped or at least that is the story I’m sticking to. Again, I could have made my way to the checkout, but at this point that would be just silly.

My next stop is the cheese section, which means I walked past the bakery department and my head was not turned, that’s probably because they have moved the macaroons to the first of the store. We’ll get there. Whole Foods Market® has the best cheese, and I love to stop by and have a sample. Who am I kidding; they frown on you using up their tooth picks. Again, I find a package of New Zealand cheddar has done a double back hand spring into my cart. Those New Zealanders have such talented cheeses!

It is now time to head to the checkout counter by way of the macaroons. You didn’t think I had forgotten, did you? Just a couple so when Happy Hubby asks if I have had something to eat I won’t be fibbing when I say yes.



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