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Summer has arrived in New England, with trips to the beach in force. The beach bags are packed: sun screen, both face and body, a couple of iced up bottles of water and the beloved beach book. All sorts of authors will be read this summer, and everyone has their favorite. One of mine is a Connecticut writer. All sorts of authors will be read this summer, and everyone has their favorite. One of mine is a Connecticut writer. http://bit.ly/2ymHeNQ @Kristan_Higgins #romancenovels #doglover #beach #SummerReading Click To Tweet

The Connecticut writer I’m referring to is Kristan Higgins. Kristan’s writing embraces her great love of family, friends and animals. By definition, she is a romance novelist, but I think she is evolving into a modern novelist: it seems to me that her work is no longer just about romance but goes into more depth in other life issues.

I first started reading Kristan’s books after meeting her at a conference for Romance writers. I had never picked up one of her books before then. I sat down at a table, (in spite of my screaming introvert) filled with a palette of amazing women. I soon found out that Kristan and these ladies were part of the same writing group, and the love they had for her and each other was profound. I sat there listening to them brag about her and her success with nothing but pride in their voices. If I remember correctly she was the first from the group to publish, but since then a few more have published, so they must be doing something right.

After the conference, I returned home and purchased everything she written; I just had a feeling…It was a good feeling.

In the beginning, everything I knew about Kristan came from the back cover of one of her books: “She lives in a small Connecticut town with her heroic firefighter husband, two lovely children, one devoted dog and regal cat”. Depending on the back cover the cat’s status changes. I have since learned a great deal more about this talented writer, all of which she shares openly. She’s proud mother of two amazing, smart and caring children; a dedicated daughter to her mother, a memory keeper of her deceased father, and a supporting wife to a man that runs into – not away -, from burning buildings to save lives which includes helpless animals. Kristan protects her family’s anonymity with names like “McIrish” for her husband. As a matter of fact, she is the person that gave me the idea to refer to my husband as “Happy Hubby”. We do our best to protect the ones we love.

Kristan includes blogging in her writing style; I would say she is a lifestyle blogger. This is where you’ll find stories about her families, her pets, and her life adventures. Just recently she shared about McIrish and Huck the cat. Have a read!

Authors usually have something tangible in each of their books, a sort of literary signature. For example, a paranormal author I read marks her lead character with a stylized tattoo, and there’s a mystery author I follow who has needle work in each of her books. With Kristan Higgins it’s pets, and they are their own quirky character. In her book, Just One of the Guys, there’s a dog named Buttercup; she is part Bloodhound, part Great Dane and part Bull Mastiff. Now take a moment to get a visual; now imagine Buttercup, this big, homely dog running full steam down the road. The thing is, Buttercup is treated like a precious little puppy, and this is how all of Kristan’s characters relate to their pets, and I think this is wondrous.

When I find an author I like, I usually start following them on Facebook and Twitter. This way I can see what they are planning next: When their next release comes out, whether they may be in my area for readings, or if there might possibly be an online interview that I can view. It has been the same way with Kristan Higgins.

As I mentioned earlier, I believe Kristan is evolving into a modern novelist. The reviews of her soon to-be released book Good Luck with That could be great indicator of that. The book goes on sale August 7th and can be pre-ordered now!

The summer has begun, read lots!











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